How to set up a sub subdomain

I’ve been getting quite a few hits from Google to the DNS Guide post from people searching for how to set up a sub subdomain.

It’s quite simple actually. Say you want to set up a sub sub domain All you need to do is create an A record for and point it to the required IP(the IP of the server hosting the sub sub domain). If you want to work(not required in most cases), you should create another A record for and point it to the same IP. This can also be done using a CNAME record.

So, if the server that is going to host your sub sub domain has IP, your DNS records should be like this :

[plain]   A   A[/plain]

If you want to use CNAME records :

[plain] A   CNAME[/plain]

There may be a lot of reasons why someone would want to use a sub sub domain; the most important of them being forming meaningful(or desired) words/phrases out of a domain name. One of the most popular example of a site on a sub sub domain is It clearly illustrates the usefulness of a sub sub domain.