I’ve had some (Pulse)Audio problems

Like many others, my speakers stopped working after I upgraded to Lucid Lynx. The usual solution of purging, reinstalling PulseAudio didn’t work for me, nor was my volume muted.

I finally got it working by removing PulseAudio and not installing it afterwards. AlsaMixer works just fine for me. However, I some times get the feeling that the sound quality might have deteriorated a bit, but it might just be me worrying too much.

This post is for those with a similar problem. If the usual solutions don’t work for you, try removing PulseAudio. That just may be it.

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  1. I was really lucky. After the upgrade to Lucid Lynx everything was strangely working. Well not everything … plymouth splash screen still a bit buggy.

  2. Well, I also have a same kind of bug. I see all normal exit status messages while booting up. Even if ureadahead terminates with status 4 (which is normal), that gets logged to the console. (Bug #522197)

    It’s a harmless bug though, with no effect on functionality. But, it would still be nice to see the splash screen every once in a while.

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