Finding the Lubuntu 10.04 torrent

I’ve been meaning to try out Lubuntu for quite some time, but was thwarted by the lack of a torrent. If you didn’t know, Lubuntu is an Ubuntu variant using the lightweight LXDE desktop environment, like Kubuntu uses KDE or Xubuntu uses XFCE. It hasn’t been officially approved as a part of the Ubuntu family yet, but judging from the favourable reviews it has been getting, that day might not be far away. Lubuntu is supposed to be much lighter than Xubuntu, which I’m currently using and seems like it is all that.

Anyway, the official page doesn’t show a torrent or metalink download option. Search for a torrent serves up the Lubuntu beta2 torrent or custom Lubuntu distributions created by enthuciasts. I finally got the official torrent from the mailing list archive.

Without further ado, here’s the torrent downlad link :

Hope this saves you a little frustration.