How to change hosts without any downtime, step by step

A common question asked in the various online discussion forums nowadays is “How do I shift/change hosts without any downtime?”. Well, here’s how to do it, step by step. Step 1 : First, add your domain to the control panel of your new host. This way, you’ll ensure that their name servers are updated with […]

The activities of an “in-the-wild” malware

Today, out of boredom, I decided to check the kind of spam I receive in my Gmail inbox. Since all the spam emails had the the same kind of spammy-attractive titles, I decided to check the first one, succulently titled “Video Paris Hilton Nude !”. The email had a conspicuous hyperlink with an H1 anchor […]

Making the Woopra analytics code valid xHTML

Woopra is a ground-breaking web-analytics service that is seriously better than Google Analytics. However, the default javascript code is flawed, in the sense that it doesn’t validate as xHTML strict. The default code looks like this : [js]<script type="text/javascript"> var woopra_id = ‘XXXXXXXXXX’; </script> <script src=""></script>[/js] where ‘XXXXXXXXXX’ is the website ID. To make this […]

Start My Computer with Folder view activated

By editing an entry in the registry, My Computer can can be started with the Folder tree activated. Normally, this can be activated by clicking the Folders button above the address bar; but if you use the folder view frequently, you might wish to permanently activate it. Click on Start>Run. Type in regedit. This will […]