Nginx: Resolving “No input file specified” error

If you are using nginx with php-cgi and have followed the standard procedure to set it up, you might often get the “No input file specified.” error. What happens here is that, when nginx receives the request to serve a non-existent php file, it passes the request to php-cgi. Php-cgi, while trying to processs the […]

Storing and reusing Ubuntu updates

Suppose you have two computers running the same version of Ubuntu and you have downloaded and installed the updates on one of the computers. Since you are having a rather expensive or maybe, a limited internet connection, you do not wish to download the updates again for the other computer. Updates downloaded by aptitude are […]

Mounting ext4 partitions in Debian Lenny

As of Debian 5.04 (Lenny), Debian doesn’t support mounting ext4 partitions out of the box, or rather, we should say, using conventional methods. Trying to mount an ext4 partition using the mount directive yields the error : mount: unknown filesystem type ‘ext4’ The roundabout way of doing it is setting a test_fs flag on the […]

I’ve had some (Pulse)Audio problems

Like many others, my speakers stopped working after I upgraded to Lucid Lynx. The usual solution of purging, reinstalling PulseAudio didn’t work for me, nor was my volume muted. I finally got it working by removing PulseAudio and not installing it afterwards. AlsaMixer works just fine for me. However, I some times get the feeling […]