How to change drive letters in Windows

After plugging in external drives or after adding optical drives and hard drives, Windows automatically assigns a drive letter to them. Usually, the system drive is assigned the letter C: and other drives are assigned subsequent incremented letters. It is possible to change this auto-assigned drive letter in Windows 7/ Vista/XP. Right-click on My Computer […]

Turn on Topic Reply Notification by default in phpBB

In phpBB3, topic reply notification is set to “Off” by default. Unlike vBulletin, where you are automatically subscribed to threads which you reply to, in phpBB, you have to manually check “Notify me when a reply is posted” from the “Post reply” page to subscribe. However, there is an easy file edit that will keep […]

Enable display of older help files in Windows 7 and Vista

Ever since Windows 3.1, Microsoft has included the Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) with new releases. Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft doesn’t bundle the Windows Help program used to view .HLP files meant for older Windows programs with the OS. Apparently, Microsoft made this decision because the program hasn’t had a major update for many years, […]

Essential custom BBCodes for phpBB

phpBB comes with a multitude of BBCodes that perform various functions. While most of these are sufficient for day-to-day forum activity, power users who crave for mre functionality on their boards, need custom-made BBCodes to satisfy their needs. Here is a list of most commonly used bbcodes on phpBB boards. Video sharing YouTube BBCode usage […]

Google Public DNS – An alternative to OpenDNS?

Google has recently launched Google Public DNS, a public DNS resolver serviceĀ  with an aim to make web browsing faster and secure. OpenDNS, providing the same services and more, has been in the market since 2006. So, which one is better, and is it beneficial to switch from using OpenDNS to Google Public DNS? We […]