Disable user authentication after resuming from Stand By mode

By default, Windows will ask for your password every time your computer resumes from the stand-by mode. This may be useful for a public workstation or unattended laptops; but for a personal computer, it’s useless and to some extent, annoying. To disable to authentication, follow these steps : Windows XP Go to Start-> Control Panel […]

Disable the compulsory automatic delay while installing plugins in Firefox

For those of you who use Mozilla Firefox, you must’ve noticed the customary 2 seconds delay while installing plugins. This may be useful for new users, but for experienced users and developers, who install a lot of plugins for testing purposes, this automatic delay just serves to slow down work. To disable the compulsory delay, […]

Prevent duplicate indexing while moving threads in phpBB

Moving a thread from one forum to another cause duplicate indexing issues in phpBB3. In such cases, both the old URL and the new URL return a “200 Found” header response, even though the thread doesn’t exist in the old forum. Ideally, the old URL should 301 redirect to the new URL. In this post […]

Add keywords and description to phpBB’s index page without installing a mod

In these days of intelligent search engines, meta keywords and descriptions do not play a major role in SEO. Crawlers are more interested in the contents of the page rather than it’s keywords and descriptions. However, some people might still want to add keywords and descriptions to their pages, seeing that search engines like Yahoo […]

Error: [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /includes/functions.php on line 3526: Undefined index: HIDDEN_USERS_ZERO_TOTAL_AND

After updating phpBB to v3.0.4, this error suddenly popped up after changing the language to something other than English : [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /includes/functions.php on line 3526: Undefined index: HIDDEN_USERS_ZERO_TOTAL_AND It means that the language pack is outdated and “HIDDEN_USERS_ZERO_TOTAL_AND” isn’t defined in the common.php file in the corresponding language directory. The […]