.htaccess archived on AskApache.com

An old copy of my .htaccess for AnimorphsfanForum.com seems to have been archived on AskApache.com. http://static.askapache.com/htaccess-files/htaccess-sample.txt I hope that it is helping some people. Update : Following this post, the .htaccess was removed from the site. You can still search for it using Google, though. The AskApache.com admin has kindly informed us that the file […]

phpBB: Redirect broken links after uninstalling an SEO mod

SEO mods beautify your URLs and make them more spider friendly. But what happens when you uninstall an SEO mod? These SEOed URLs becomes broken and return an error code of ‘404 Not Found’. And these obsolete links can be very harmful for your Search Engine Results Page(SERP) rankings. I’ve got emails from concerned phpBB […]