How to download a file concurrently/simultaneously from different sources in Ubuntu

In order to achieve this, you need to download an install Aria2, a lightweight, multi-source download utility. It can be installed from it’s package ‘aria2’ from the universe repositories. [code language=”bash”]sudo apt-get install aria2[/code] Now we need to create a file containing the source URLs for the file(s) we need to download. The source/mirror URLs […]

.htaccess archived on

An old copy of my .htaccess for seems to have been archived on I hope that it is helping some people. Update : Following this post, the .htaccess was removed from the site. You can still search for it using Google, though. The admin has kindly informed us that the file […]

Google Public DNS – An alternative to OpenDNS?

Google has recently launched Google Public DNS, a public DNS resolver serviceĀ  with an aim to make web browsing faster and secure. OpenDNS, providing the same services and more, has been in the market since 2006. So, which one is better, and is it beneficial to switch from using OpenDNS to Google Public DNS? We […]