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Nginx reduces page load time, increases Googlebot activity

After a small incident with a shared host, I moved my phpBB forum and a few other static sites to a VPS running on nginx. Nginx is a small, lightweight but very efficient web server created by Igor Sysoev, originally developed for, Russia’s second-largest web site. Due to it’s light-weightedness and efficiency, it is […]

Unexpected email and Alexa bot

I got a surprise today when I found that I have an email in my inbox from The email had subject “Subject” and has content “Content”. My first instinct was that someone has hacked into my VPS. After a few minutes of mind-racking, I remembered that I had created a PHP file on the […]

WWW or no-WWW?

Webmasters often face this dilemma – to include www in front of their domain or to exclude it. This is an oft-argued about topic in many webmasters’ discussion forums. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Advantages : Not using WWW : WWW is actually a subdomain. Would you like users to […]

How to change hosts without any downtime, step by step

A common question asked in the various online discussion forums nowadays is “How do I shift/change hosts without any downtime?”. Well, here’s how to do it, step by step. Step 1 : First, add your domain to the control panel of your new host. This way, you’ll ensure that their name servers are updated with […]